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The Ascent of Haben Abraham

Haben to Make National TV Debut on Maury Show May 6th!

Haben at Maury

On May 6th watch how lovely little Haben Abraham captivates a New York City audience during a stunning performance on the Maury Povich Show! Seattle's sweetheart  was a featured artist in Maury's "America's Most Talented Kids" Showcase.

haben with maury

Check your local listings for show times in your area or visit:

It Runs In the Family!

EriAm Sisters
The EriAm Sisters

Music's newest darling, Haben Abraham makes up 1/3 of the progressively POPular new group EriAm the other 2/3's are none other than her equally talented and beautiful sisters Lianda (12) and Salina (13).
"EriAm" stands for Eritrean-American; the talented and diverse trio wanted a name that would highlight the uniqueness of their cultural makeup and international aspect of their journey. 
In 1983, their parents left Eritrea for Holland where Lianda and Salina were born. In 1996, they moved to the US where Haben was born a year later. The family now works, plays and stays together in Seattle, WA.
Eriam Red Carpet
EriAm is Receives Red Carpet Treatment @ Disney Resort
For the past 3 years the girls have wowed crowds with their stage presence and POPSTAR potential! The Abraham girls are diligent in their schoolwork and passionate about their music careers. Aside from keeping up with their chores and homework;
EriAm spends countless hours writing songs, practicing choreography, playing the piano and keeping in touch with their fans and friends on    their popular Myspace and YouTube profiles!
~Keep your eyes and ears open for EriAm
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Trea with Chrisette Michele

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YouTube Talent Turned Pint*Sized Popstar?

Much like the contagiously popular Hannah Montana and Raven Simone, it is obvious to Haben Abraham's nearly 200,000 and supporters that the Seattle-based singer possesses a Pop Star magnetism that will easily captivate the coveted Disney and Nickelodeon demographic, and the vocal voracity reminiscent of younger versions of platinum princesses; Alicia Keys and Beyonce'. 


ThugInThugOutCDHaben has been a social network site wonder for a little over a year now, but after being discovered by talent scouts on the popular site on Youtube, the 10 year old talent was invited to perform at the Walt Disney World Resort for over 1800 guests in Orlando, FL as a special entertainer for the Children's Miracle Network. In less than a week, while battling a nasty cold, the little jet-setter accepted an invite to fly with her parents to NY to tape a segment of "America's Most Talented Kids" on the nationally syndicated Maury Show.

"We found her on YouTube and said oh my God, look at this  talent," proclaimed CNN Headline News Host, Glenn Beck during her introduction at the Walt Disney Word Resort this past February.


While being compared to music's top female artists presents big shoes to fill, Haben is determined and on the right track. If her Myspace and YouTube support/fan base support is any indication of her pending success, she is well on her way. She is currently completing her freshman project, produced by High Powered Entertainment's J Silva, featuring original songs by some of the country's most talented writers and showcasing EriAm; the group she formed with her two sisters Salina and Lianda. See what all the fuss is about:

Haben with Braids
HABEN (pronouced Hay-bin) ABRAHAM

The Trea Day Publicity Team is preparing a launch campaign to expose the WORLD to music's newest darling! To request a copy of Haben's EPK Contact Trea Day at (678) 570-4930/email request:
media moments
Renton Reporter News Paper: 
"A Star in the Making"
Seattle Post Intelligencer:
"Haben Takes Bite of Big Apple" 
 Voice of America Radio:
"Eritrean-American Pop Princess"

Bling Baby Bling!

Haben outside
Haben is much like any normal 10 year old girl.  She loves to ice skate, swim, takes jazz dance lessons, and is a seasoned gymnast.  Beyond the athleticism, Haben possesses a voice that is so controlled and mature, you would think your ears were playing tricks on your eyes.


Born in Seattle, Washington, Haben comes from a musically diverse family.  Her father, Mulugheta Abraham, is an engineer for the Boeing Company and plays various instruments.  Her mother, Tiblets Abrahamalso loves music and dancing.  Both parents come from Eritrea, a small country on the eastern coast of Africa bordering Ethiopia and Sudan. 


Eritrea is a place that is no stranger to war and rebellion.  For years, the country has fought for the independence from colonial power, which wasn't granted until 1993.  War and music go hand in hand.  From gang wars in the Bronx to rebels in Jamaica, music is always at its purest when lives are on the line.  Eritrea is no different, producing Ethiopian-like rhythms for artists like Haben's idol Winta Efrem.  In the early 80's Winta's parents fled the war in Eritrea and moved to Norway where Winta was raised.  She's an accomplished soul singer in Europe and is currently studying International Relations at London Metropolitan University.  Not bad for a role model huh?


Since the age of 2, Haben has been belting out songs in more than one language (she sang in English, Dutch, and her native Tigrinia).  It wasn't until she was 7 that her musical gifts were noticed by her music teacher.  She was a brilliant singer and actor and performed with no outside pressure.  A star was born.


Chillin in LimoHaben has shared her talent with audiences across the West Coast.  She wows crowds with her presence and performs with her sisters who share the same musical talents as she.  "My sisters are the key to my success," says Haben.  "If it wasn't for them I don't think I could be singing at competitions or even try for a more serious adventure!"  Haben and her sisters are diligent and write songs with enough quality to impress every engineer they've come across.  Their goal is to produce their own project and perform all over the world.


"I wanna be the next Hannah Montana", proclaims Seattle's little darling. Big shoes to fill for anyone, but Haben is determined and on the right track.  Her confidence level and natural desire to sing is such that she shares her gift for anyone who wants to enjoy her voice! Her organic enthusiasm has prompted her parents to allow Haben to perform at concerts, talent shows, festivals and corporate fundraising events to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer. Haben's fan-base is rapidly growing and has viewed her and EriAm's recorded performances and profile close to 200,000 times on the popular and websites.


haben in limo

Although the little lady's big voice readily takes on the challenging works of mega divas such as; Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce, she is extremely humble and eager to learn! One thing is certain; this little star has begun to soar and is destined to bling.


                                 --Janeen Jason & Treavion Davenport

cravin more haben?
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Music's Newest Pop Princess--Aren't Haben and her EriAm sisters absolutely awesome? Expect BIG things from this little lady. Much like Trea Day client alum Chrisette Michele, I have a feeling about this one!


Rising Stars:

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